frequently asked questions


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How do i prepare for my session? 

Preparing for your session is a lot easier than you would think, every client also receives a copy of the Prep Guide after their consultation and a few weeks before their session as a reminder. We are never going to ask you to drastically change yourself, no crash dieting or extreme makeovers. We still want you to come as who you are! Fake tanning or spray tanning is usually a big no, no though.

I don't have any lingerie, what do i do?

Lingerie is not a make or break for your session. I do provide an extensive client closet that dresses most clients for their sessions. We do ask that you bring a proper fitting bra (this is a great time to get fitted if you need recommendations I have them for you) and two styles of panties for your session. Other than that, I am happy to pick your outfits out of our very own closet. 


Will i do my own hair and makeup for my session?

All of our sessions require makeup from our professional in house hair and makeup artist. This step is soooo important not only will it make you feel incredibly pampered but it’s also a huge step in making sure your completion is flawless for the camera.


If your session is on a time time frame please let us know as soon as possible. Typically we recommend your session to happen 6-8 weeks if you are on a timeframe. We will do the best we can to accommodate your needs.

How much does a session cost?

Our session fee starts at $499 and includes an in-studio session, image re-touching, and an in-person photo reveal of your images within 2-4 weeks after your session to custom design your boudoir album and additional products. Not to mention a great boost in your self-esteem.

Minimum Product Investment starts at $1500

email us for payment plan information:


When do i get to see my portraits for the first time?

After your session, we'll meet again generally 2-4 weeks after your photoshoot. You will see all of your final images, fully retouched to a custom slideshow. At the time of your viewing and ordering we'll provide you with expert advice to help select your favorite images and to make sure your album design is one of a kind. We will also go over various other products and design such as wall art should you choose to display your session at home! 


I don't want my images shared, do I have to?

I think this is one of biggest misconceptions about sessions, that you will be required to share them every where including the internet. You NEVER have to share your image anywhere, all of the images you see online, in my portfolio, on social media are shared after clients have given my explicit written permission in order to do so. Your session can be kept as private or as public as you choose.

Ok I think i am ready, what now?

Whoop, whoop! This tends to be an experience unlike any other, and we can't wait for you to share it with us! Each client receive a complimentary in-person consultation where we will go over all the fine details, chat and get to know each other a bit more, and sign all the final paperwork. You can book your consult with any of the contact pages or by email: