Veronica at the Everett Studio

We're trying a new experience with the blog. While I can go on and on with all the reasons you push back and may think boudoir isn't for you either right now, or ever, I've decided it would be best for the woman who have experienced it to tell you in their own words. 

My Boudoir Experience....

"The whole boudoir experience wasn't for me to get amazing, romantic and sexy photos done for my partner, but for me to feel more comfortable in my skin and from gaining so much weight after highschool and having my son. Which is exactly what it did! It made me view myself in a different light; a way I never thought myself to be. I was speechless and overwhelmed with emotions once I saw my photos for the first time. I was of course like no way thats me, but I was viewing myself the way my partner describes me; I was beautiful and sexy. All over I felt confident of myself.  

Bree is absoulty amazing at what she does and has amazing make-up artists as well. She makes you feel confident and comfortable to be naked around her or even partially. Nothing is awkward and its all fun and laughs the whole time. She gives you time if you need it and guides you the whole time so you know you'll look sexy."